And The Beat Goes On…

We are now in week 3 of life with a teenager in crisis. We are in the middle of trying to figure out if there is more going on her than bad teenager choices. You see with adopted kids (who come out of the foster system) there is sadly damage. I first believed as we started taking care of these kiddos that love and prayer can make everything all better!

And Now?

Now I believe love and prayer are the only way we can get through this life, but don’t necessarily make it better. So we are trying to piece together a very spotty adoption file to see what may have happened prenatally. We know a few things post-birth since that is what put her into the foster system. And those things in and of themselves are manifesting their ugly symptoms. And there seems to be more.

Where to Start Looking for Answers

In the last week, we have gone to a great Christian crisis center where my best friend is director. The medical staff is helping us sort through the above questions (they actually pointed us in that direction in the first place) and one of their counselors has taken my daughter under her wing. The question I am trying to get answered is…

Do the Answers Change the Method of Parenting?

We have house rules. We make them tangible rules that are verifiable with consequences that apply. But what if she doesn’t have the mental ability to get these rules? Does this mean our daughter is in danger and we just say “you can’t do that”? Or do we continue on the same path? Questions we want answered so we can parent this child into a responsible and successful young adult.

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