Military Schools for Boys

Sometimes boys are so out-of-control that parents feel there is no solution other than to send them to a military school for boys, boot camp, or wilderness program. This isn’t usually out of choice, but because they’re at their wit’s ends, they’ve tried everything else, and they don’t see any other alternative. Residential treatment programs […]

Defiant Teenager – Dealing With The Turn Around

An interesting thing happened on the way to opera last night (just kidding about the opera) – my daughter decided to be defiant. Straight up, in our face “I am going to break your rules”. And when we confronted her, all h-e-double toothpicks broke loose! It was straight out of James Lehman’s Total Transformation chapter on […]

Total Transformation – Injustice

One thing I find very interesting as a parent is how kids deal with things that they feel are unfair. I found that when they don’t believe the situation is fair, all rules go out the window. The fairness becomes the focus not the unacceptable behavior. Let me give you an example. I have firm […]

ADHD Natural Remedies


This is our experience with ADHD natural remedies. We’ve tried several different things, and what we’ve found is that different things work for different kids. Medication, natural ADHD remedies, and behavior modification programs have all worked with our kids. This particular article is about ADHD natural remedies. As it seems to be more common than […]

Teenagers are masters at arguing

Teenagers are masters at arguing. That fact wouldn’t be so hard to handle if I didn’t find myself getting sucked into it. Before I know it, I am miles down “Argument Lane” and frustration doesn’t even being to describe my insides! So one day, after several of these go rounds with my 15-yr old, I […]