RAD Kids Love To Lie

When Love Is Not Enough

I want to view each day as an adventure with my RAD kiddo. I don’t want to wake up depressed anymore dreading the day ahead. I want the challenge of helping this child become successful in coping with life in a healthy manner be what motivates me. So why can’t I? Oh, there is another […]

Unattached Child – How Does His Brain Work?

If you have an unattached child, here’s a little hope. I thought it would be cool to share with you what I have learned about the brain. If my previous blog post caused you a sense of hopelessness, this might cheer you up. The Nancy Thomas videos I’ve been watching actually show PET scans of […]

Parenting a Child With Reactive Attachment Disorder

Well, I can’t deny it any longer, I have a child with reactive attachment disorder, or RAD.  It’s a roll of the dice when you adopt, even as infants which mine all were. The reality of the situation is that they all present attachment issues to some degree. This one seems to be the most […]