Total Transformation – Injustice

One thing I find very interesting as a parent is how kids deal with things that they feel are unfair. I found that when they don’t believe the situation is fair, all rules go out the window. The fairness becomes the focus not the unacceptable behavior. Let me give you an example. I have firm […]

The Total Transformation Workbook

As we work through the Total Transformation DVD’s and CD’s, we thought it would be worthwhile to explain a little about what the workbook is like, so you know what to expect from that part of the program. The Total Transformation workbook is 118 pages, and it starts out explaining a little about the program, […]

What Does Total Transformation Teach You?

What exactly does Total Transformation teach you? In other words, what kind of information do you get? If you’re looking for a product that will help you to change your kids without changing yourself, then don’t buy Total Transformation! It’s very clear from the start as we go through the DVD’s and CD’s that James Lehman’s […]

How Much Does Total Transformation Cost?


How much does Total Transformation cost? Total Transformation is relatively inexpensive, especially if you compare the price to individual or family counseling (not to say that counseling isn’t an excellent route to go – we’ve been to counseling on and off over the years, and we sincerely believe that without it, we wouldn’t be where we […]

What is The Total Transformation?

What is The Total Transformation? The Total Transformation is a program designed to give parents skills to parent difficult, defiant, or out-of-control children. It works with children that behavioral problems, kids with ADD, ADHD, ODD, Autism, and bipolar disorder. The philosophy behind Total Transformation is that children don’t know how to problem solve, and that’s […]