Unattached Child – How Does His Brain Work?

If you have an unattached child, here’s a little hope. I thought it would be cool to share with you what I have learned about the brain. If my previous blog post caused you a sense of hopelessness, this might cheer you up. The Nancy Thomas videos I’ve been watching actually show PET scans of […]

Defiant Teenager – Dealing With The Turn Around

An interesting thing happened on the way to opera last night (just kidding about the opera) – my daughter decided to be defiant. Straight up, in our face “I am going to break your rules”. And when we confronted her, all h-e-double toothpicks broke loose! It was straight out of James Lehman’s Total Transformation chapter on […]

Age Appropriate Behavior – What Should Be My Expectations?

Little Man

Most of my articles come from real-life experiences, and this one is no different. I had just gone 15 rounds with 3 of my kids trying to get them to school on time, and I was worn out. It seemed to me that this had been a pretty regular thing lately, and I started thinking […]

Good Parenting Starts With A Good Marriage


We’ve been married for 20 years now, and we’re the first to admit it hasn’t always been easy. We started out our life together heavily involved in drugs and alcohol, and both of us had unsuccessful marriages (and the ensuing divorces) under our belts. We weren’t especially well equipped because of our pasts to be […]

The Worst Parent of the Year

Worst Parent Of The Year

Do you sometimes feel like you should win the Worst Parent of the Year Award? Do you think that you’re just the worst parents ever, the worst parents in the world, even the worst parents in the history of the world? Well, hopefully it’s not that bad, but all of us feel at times that […]