Child Behavior Modification Plan

Child behavior modification plan. A boring way to say “I want to stop my child’s out-of-control, defiant behavior NOW! Well maybe there’s a way to develop effective parenting skills!

I always wanted 6 kids. Ask anyone who knew us when I was growing up and they will tell you “Yep, she wanted 6 kids”. So when I got married and my husband wanted kids, I was excited. However, I must say I don’t remember discussing a “number”. Nor did I know specifically how this was going to happen, just assuming the old fashioned way, right? Wrong!!!

Trying the “old-fashioned” way

My name is Julie Hellstrom, and after 5 years of trying the “old-fashioned” way, we were told it was not going to happen. After some crying and searching, praying mostly, we believed the route we were to take was adopting foster kids. 5 kids later, here we are.

Where are we?

We are right in the middle of parenting. Even though we got them all from ages 10 months down to newborn, they each have special needs, emotional and physical. While we don’t really know what is just basic kiddo behavior, we are constantly learning effective parenting skills as we go that will help us raise them into successful adults.

How do you raise them into successful adults?

We have found they way to raise them so they are successful people is to teach them how to problem solve. This is harder than it sounds because independence does not normally come naturally, especially for children with attachment issues. Independence is actually in itself a problem that has to be solved.

And the solution is….

Wouldn’t it be great if I could answer that with one word! Sorry, I can’t do that. It seems as soon as you figure out how to handle one type of behavior, they morph into some new, hideous creature that you have to learn to control all over again! (Just kidding – who would ever think of their kids as hideous creatures?)

I have learned many things through the years, and I’d like to talk about a few of them on this website. I’ve had a little first hand experience with ADD, ADHD, SID (Sensory Integration Disorder), and just plain strong-willed children.

Total Transformation – Effective Parenting Skills Revealed

I have recently discovered one resource that seems to hit on both of these problems – problem solving and teaching independence – extremely well. It’s called Total Transformation by James Lehman, MSW.

This program has given us more skills to parent than anything else I have found in the last 15 years. And the best part is the results. Immediately, using just a few of Mr. Lehman’s ideas, our family has become kinder, calmer, and more fun. One technique in particular, called “stopping the show” has probably done more for our household peace than anything we’ve ever done before. And it’s simple! You just “stop the show” if your child is arguing or badgering you. You give them your answer, and walk away. It’s amazing how well it works!

So there you have it.  A program that seems to work!

You have to learn more of these tools! Don’t settle for the ongoing battles and frustrations.

So make today the day you start the change. Click here if you have a household that could use some peace and sanity, see if The Total Transformation really works for you too!