How Much Does Total Transformation Cost?

total-transformation-product-pictureHow much does Total Transformation cost?

Total Transformation is relatively inexpensive, especially if you compare the price to individual or family counseling (not to say that counseling isn’t an excellent route to go – we’ve been to counseling on and off over the years, and we sincerely believe that without it, we wouldn’t be where we are as a family). However, counseling might not be the answer for a variety of reasons, such as time constraints, or just not being able to afford it.

Because of this, the Total Transformation is very appealing, since you can do this privately, on your own time, in your home. Plus, you only pay a small up-front fee for shipping and handling. You for a limited time, you can receive this for free. You just order it and complete and return the enclosed Feedback survey.For complete details about the program and the price, you can click here.

What do you get for your money?

The Total Transformation includes the following:

  • Jump Start DVD
  • Parents Workshop DVD with Questions and Answers
  • 7 audio CD lessons
  • A 118 page Workbook
  • 800 support access
  • A Free Bonus CD – How to Turn Around Your Child’s Attitude in One Minute or Less. It’s FREE just for trying the program.

This is a very nice, professional looking product contained in a book-like folder, that would look great on your bookshelf. It’s very well done.

Next up – What does the Total Transformation teach you?

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