Life With A Teenage Girl

I am hoping this article will prove cathartic as I have just had 2 bad days with my 14-year old sweet girl. She is making awful life changing choices and remorse is not even listed in her dictionary. We have been batting these problems down for the last 3 months but no longer will that suffice. And I am swinging in the dark.

Where’s the Light Switch?

I had already laid some of the groundwork by working through Total Transformation by James Lehman. However, I felt I needed more specific information regarding information on how to deal with where her train derailed. A month ago, I was given Parenting Teens with Love and Logic. I started consuming this night before last. I am getting lessons on choices and consequences that I realize I have not been very good at as a parent. And I have decided to stop fighting the control battle with her.

Teens will Almost Always Win the Control Battle

The battle started having a name! Control and independence. I got some great info on control. And I will get back to you on how it went addressing her independence needs in a way that helps her to grow towards that where she is taking care of herself and I am not so scared.

Control Rules

Parenting Teens with Love and Logic hits this nail squarely on the head. “Never take more control than you need. Or do I need any? Will advice and options teach a valuable lesson instead?”

The ground rules are basic:

  1. Avoid control battles at all cost.
  2. If you are forced to have a control battle – on those rare occasions when it CAN’T be avoided – then win at all costs.
  3. Pick the issue carefully and deliberately without threatening to do so. Just do it.

This will make teens think about their decisions. Our goal for raising a responsible young adult.

My heart is ragged. My hope a bit dirty. But my love for her causes me to continue reaching for her and moving forward.

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