Military Schools for Boys

Sometimes boys are so out-of-control that parents feel there is no solution other than to send them to a military school for boys, boot camp, or wilderness program. This isn’t usually out of choice, but because they’re at their wit’s ends, they’ve tried everything else, and they don’t see any other alternative. Residential treatment programs like military schools for boys, reform schools, and boot/wilderness camps can provide short term help. They can teach your teenager how to behave in a restrictive, artificial environment, but they rarely bring about permanent behavior changes once they return home and are faced with the challenges of the real world.

The problem is that many teens don’t know how to problem solve, and that’s why they act out and are disobedient and abusive. It’s a coping mechanism. They just use it to get what they want, instead of working through the problem.

If you’ve been considering a military school, please do yourself (and your teen) a favor and take a look at the Total Transformation Program by James Lehman. This program is designed to teach parents how to help their kids learn to problem solve, thereby eliminating the abusive behavior that comes from poor problem-solving skills. Mr. Lehman give you lots of tips and tools to help your child to be successful in life.

One of our favorite techniques is to stop the show. What this means, is don’t enter in with the teenager when he attempts to push your buttons. If he’s abusive, walk away from him until he is able to talk to you in a calm, logical voice. Basically, you’re creating a vacuum where he doesn’t have any “air” to fight in – if there is no one to fight with, he’ll stop.

This is just one of the techniques we’ve learned that has worked for us. Mr. Lehman has hundreds more – and they all make sense and are easy to implement. Maybe a military school for boys is not the right answer. Take a look at The Total Transformation today. You’ve got nothing to lose, because for a limited time, they are offering the program for free. All you have to do is order it and complete and return the enclosed Feedback survey. Do it today before it’s too late!

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