Back To School

Worst Parent Of The Year

When I last posted, we were asking some questions (re: house rules, etc) that we felt we needed answered right away. Wrong! Those answers will come, but not before we get a whole lot of other questions out of the way. Our new daily schedule Life does not stop when you have a crisis situation […]

And The Beat Goes On…

We are now in week 3 of life with a teenager in crisis. We are in the middle of trying to figure out if there is more going on her than bad teenager choices. You see with adopted kids (who come out of the foster system) there is sadly damage. I first believed as we […]

ADHD? Not My Kid!


Sitting facing the teacher for the umpteenth time, I was growing weary of her long litany. “Jack doesn’t sit in his seat. Jack doesn’t stay on task. Jack disrupts the other kids with his constant noise making. Jack doesn’t turn in completed work.” This was hard to hear about my sweet 10 year old who […]

Life With A Teenage Girl

I am hoping this article will prove cathartic as I have just had 2 bad days with my 14-year old sweet girl. She is making awful life changing choices and remorse is not even listed in her dictionary. We have been batting these problems down for the last 3 months but no longer will that suffice. […]