What Does Total Transformation Teach You?

What exactly does Total Transformation teach you? In other words, what kind of information do you get? If you’re looking for a product that will help you to change your kids without changing yourself, then don’t buy Total Transformation! It’s very clear from the start as we go through the DVD’s and CD’s that James Lehman’s […]

The Worst Parent of the Year

Worst Parent Of The Year

Do you sometimes feel like you should win the Worst Parent of the Year Award? Do you think that you’re just the worst parents ever, the worst parents in the world, even the worst parents in the history of the world? Well, hopefully it’s not that bad, but all of us feel at times that […]

Oppositional Defiance Disorder in Children

I’m the parent of five adopted kids, and I’m here to tell you that I know a little about oppositional defiance disorder in children, or ODD for short. James Lehman, MSW, behavioral therapist and creator of The Total Transformation Program for parents, says that a day with a child with oppositional defiance behavior is a series of […]

Family Strengthening

Matt & I decided to get into a program titled “Family Strengthening” provided by Washington State University (go Cougs!). Its focus is for kids age 10-14 and their parents. Since we have 3 (and one in crisis) in that age group, any help we could get we are taking. And the free part was added […]

Back To School

Worst Parent Of The Year

When I last posted, we were asking some questions (re: house rules, etc) that we felt we needed answered right away. Wrong! Those answers will come, but not before we get a whole lot of other questions out of the way. Our new daily schedule Life does not stop when you have a crisis situation […]