Total Transformation – Injustice

One thing I find very interesting as a parent is how kids deal with things that they feel are unfair. I found that when they don’t believe the situation is fair, all rules go out the window. The fairness becomes the focus not the unacceptable behavior. Let me give you an example. I have firm […]

Teenagers are masters at arguing

Teenagers are masters at arguing. That fact wouldn’t be so hard to handle if I didn’t find myself getting sucked into it. Before I know it, I am miles down “Argument Lane” and frustration doesn’t even being to describe my insides! So one day, after several of these go rounds with my 15-yr old, I […]

Reclaiming Little Matt – Why Do I Act Like A Little Kid?

When I first heard about the concept of the inner child I have to admit I was pretty skeptical. I mean, having a bunch of little kids living inside of you. Really? I don’t know… Well, now I do know for sure that this is exactly the case. As strange as it sounds, these little […]

ADHD? Not My Kid!


Sitting facing the teacher for the umpteenth time, I was growing weary of her long litany. “Jack doesn’t sit in his seat. Jack doesn’t stay on task. Jack disrupts the other kids with his constant noise making. Jack doesn’t turn in completed work.” This was hard to hear about my sweet 10 year old who […]

Life With A Teenage Girl

I am hoping this article will prove cathartic as I have just had 2 bad days with my 14-year old sweet girl. She is making awful life changing choices and remorse is not even listed in her dictionary. We have been batting these problems down for the last 3 months but no longer will that suffice. […]