The Total Transformation Workbook

As we work through the Total Transformation DVD’s and CD’s, we thought it would be worthwhile to explain a little about what the workbook is like, so you know what to expect from that part of the program.

The Total Transformation workbook is 118 pages, and it starts out explaining a little about the program, and a little about the creator, James Lehman. Then it immediately jumps into the training – it suggests you watch the Jump Start DVD, then answer a bunch of questions about your child (or children, as in our case – you may need to make extra copies of these pages). These questions are designed to help you identify the behaviors to focus on with your kid(s).

Then, Mr. Lehman suggests going to lesson 1 in the workbook, and taking a pre-test to lesson 1. After you take the test, you are to listen to CD #1 and then go through the exercises and/or additional information in the workbook. After lesson 1 in the workbook, there is a post-test, exactly the same as the pre-test, for you to take and see if your answers changed. He doesn’t do the post-test in every chapter, but he does do the pre-test.

A few of examples of the true/false questions he asks in the workbook are:

  1. Children have to learn to feel good about themselves in order to be successful.
  2. Inappropriate behavior is usually caused by low self-esteem.
  3. When children lose control, they do not know what they are doing or saying.
  4. Children will learn to solve their own problems if you only let them.

The answers to the above questions? 1: False 2: False 3: False 4: False

Did you get them all right? I know I didn’t – in fact, when I first took the test I only got 3 out of 10 right! I think I have some things to learn, right? The cool thing is, I have 5 kids and the oldest is 15, but it doesn’t matter – it’s never too late to get started with this program. All of my kids, including the oldest, have changed significantly from the techniques I’m now using.

The Total Transformation workbook goes through each chapter and CD in a similar fashion – recap, training, special words from Mr. Lehman, and tests. It’s great – and it’s not overwhelming. He suggests you take it one CD per week, and work on one, two, ten, or all of the techniques suggested. Then, move on to the next DVD.

Next post – the Jump Start DVD.

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