What Does Total Transformation Teach You?

What exactly does Total Transformation teach you? In other words, what kind of information do you get?

If you’re looking for a product that will help you to change your kids without changing yourself, then don’t buy Total Transformation! It’s very clear from the start as we go through the DVD’s and CD’s that James Lehman’s goal is to train parents to change the way they deal with their kids, which in turns makes the child change his ways.

Mr. Lehman asserts from the start that the reason that kids are disobedient, abusive, and obnoxious is they don’t know how to problem solve, and they are compensating for that weakness by acting out. As parents, our job is to teach our kids how to problem solve, and one way we do that is to let them experience the consequences of making poor decisions. In order to do that, we need to learn when to step back and not intervene in their life.

There are many different ineffective roles that parents play in raising their children – the martyr, the savior, bottomless pockets, over-negotiator, and ticket puncher are a few. These are roles that we as parents need to change if we’re going to restore the sanity around our house. James Lehman goes over each of these roles and cures for them in the Total Transformation, and I’m going to touch on most if not all of them in my reviews of the program.

Bottom line – you probably need to change. You can’t expect to fix your child if you’re not willing to learn and grow yourself. If that sounds like something you won’t mind doing, then Total Transformation might be for you.

Next post – The Total Transformation Workbook.

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